Episode 138

How to Fire Your Financial Advisor (for Those Who Don’t Like Confrontation) | E138 Tess Waresmith

You’ve been pouring into your personal finance education and you’re starting to feel more empowered to manage your investments. You might have even played around with online calculators and realized how much that 1% advisor fee is really costing you. But years ago, when you were less confident and didn’t know better, you hired someone to help you with this. They grew into someone you call a friend and although you know the math and feel capable of handling your investments on your own now, you’re having difficulty cutting ties.

It’s not easy to break up with someone especially if they have treated you well, answered your phone calls, and have been sending you an annual Christmas card.

But I help you with the hard things and it’s time. With this in mind,  how can we make this a smooth process, set ourselves up for success, and respectfully and professionally break up with our financial advisor? Well, that’s today’s conversation.

To help me unpack this topic, I invited on Tess Waresmith. Tess is a financial coach that helps people feel confident with investing. But this wasn’t always the case. After socking away a ton of money working on cruise ships after she graduated, Tess hired a financial advisor to help her turn her savings into real wealth. But after some bad advice and other financial mishaps, Tess lost $80,000 and had to reset. Through a lot of self-education, she learned how to invest on her own through simple, yet effective methods.

In this episode, Tess shares the math behind the real cost of a financial advisor. She shares an easy step-by-step process for breaking up with your advisor and how to handle objections if they push back. We also talk about when it might be appropriate to hire help and who might be the right person for that situation.

Let’s get into it. I hope you enjoy my conversation with the aerial aerobatic and high diving financial coach…Tess Waresmith.

Key Takeaways:

  • How much a 1% advisor fee costs you over 40 years
  • How to compare your advisor’s performance against the average
  • A step-by-step process for breaking up with your advisor
  • Responding to objections from your advisor
  • Financial situations that might require professional help and who to hire
  • Simple definitions of common financial jargon


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